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Welcome to Connecting Carers

If you are carrying out a caring role in the Highlands - this website is for you!

Carers Support Line is open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm (01463 723560)

Connecting Carers is your local Carers Centre in Highland.  Our office is based in Dingwall, but don't worry we have a range of services and Carer Liaison Workers working across Highland.

Our main goal is to ensure that carers in Highland are fully informed and supported in their caring role, whilst also being enabled to have a life outside of caring.

Connecting Carers offer a range of services to assist carers inlcuding:

Carer Support Plans- these are plans based around the carer and what they would like to achieve.  Having a CSP helps carers to organise the support that would benefit them, make sure legal matters are addressed, take care of their own health and also get some time to have a life outside of caring.  Carer Support Plans are designed to suit your own unique needs and circumstances, they are carried out in a person centred way with you at the centre.  They are carried out by one of our local Carer Liaison Workers.

Carer Information Pack - this is your basic, essentials guide to what you need to know!  It has all the essentials in it, things you need to know, things to think about, how these processes work, who to turn to, as well as emergency and future planning.  Some of these things you will not need to know at the start of your caring journey, but it is always useful to be prepared.

Carer Support Line - Connecting Carers has a dedicated Carer Support Line which is open everyday and there is to help with all aspects of caring, from a small informal enquiry to an indepth supportive conversation with someone who understands the demands that can accompany caring for someone.

Carer Self Management Courses - Connecting Carers has, over the years, delivered various 'training' and learning events.  We have never been happy with the term 'training' as we feel that it is YOU carers who can 'train' us.  But we do know that there are times, when you are new to caring, or when conditions change or worsen, that there may be times when additional information or practical skills would be useful.  So we are now looking at a program of Self Management Courses for carers.  These will be practical and useful for carers and hopefully there might be some fun, laughs and maybe some new friends made!  Keep an eye on the website for news on this!

Carer Support Groups - Connecting Carers run and support a number of Carer get togethers across Highland.  These groups are informal and welcoming and offer people the chance to have some time for themselves.  Carers who attend tell us it is great to touch base with people, do something outwith caring, discuss with others any issues they might be dealing with and just have a wee natter, a cup of tea and sometimes even a cake.  Carers tell us that it is in these wee informal gatherings that they often find out about other things that are going on, or new services or tips and hints that other people have used in particular situations.  The groups are welcoming to everyone and really they are open to suggestions and can be made into whatever feels most appropriate.  One of our groups like to stick to a regular coffee morning meet up, whilst other groups are a bit more varied and plan out activities such as walking, film evenings or photography.  If it can be done, and people think it would benefit them, then we will explore it!

Connecting You to Partner Organisations - where appropriate, and with your permission, we would put you in touch with other relevant agencies and services that can help.  A lot of people who are new to caring are completely unaware of the financial aspects of carrying out a caring role, so we may put you in touch with Income Maximisation to ensure that you are receiving all the financial support you are entitled to.  Your caring role may mean it is improtant for you to know about and understand Power of Attorney and Guardianship, so we may refer you to one of our voluntary services for this information.  Connecting Carers would always discuss these things with you first and explain why a referrall may be beneficial to you.

Small Grants - Connecting Carers can assist you to access small grants where available.  There are a number of small grants available to carers at varying times of year, for things such as a short break away from caring, an educational course, grants for equipment and some hardship funds.

You can find further information about all of these things on this site, or you can call us on 01463 723560 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or pop into our Carers Centre in Dingwall.


Connecting Carers' carers centre has been recognised as a Centre of Excellence by the Carers Trust.  We would like to take the time to Thank all the Staff whose hard work enabled us to gain this award.