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On 24 July we drew the winning ticket in our Belladrum 2015 Raffle and here's a picture of our lucky winners, at the CC stand at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival. The raffle raised £566 in total, which goes straight into the Wee Treat pot of grant funding for carers.








Visit JustGiving to see what you can do to help deliver more short breaks for carers. Donate with JustGiving


The Carers Bulletin is OUT NOW for Carers Network members. If you haven't joined the Network yet, you can complete an online form here.








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HCCF and Connecting Carers are very proud to have been awarded the PQASSO Quality Kite Mark at Level 2, by the Charities Evaluation Services, which demonstrates the high standard of work we are doing. Level 2 indicates a strategic approach to achieving our aims and objectives, and shows a systematic approach to planning and monitoring results, with a greater focus on outcomes.



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  Find out more about your rights in our Carers Information Pack.



Connecting Carers aims to:

  •     improve support, services and recognition for anyone caring for someone in the Highlands
  •     support carers to be key partners in the planning and delivery of health and social care
  •     empower carers to manage their caring role and have a life outside caring (through Carers Support Plans)
  •     keep carers informed through the Network Bulletin and a range of other channels

If you would like to talk to us about your caring role, please contact us by telephone, email, or visit us.

Connecting Carers
Glen Orrin
High Street
IV15 9TF

Carers Support Line 01463 723560

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When you join the Carers Network, or take part in a Carers Support Plan, we ask you to provide us with personal details. Here's a copy of our Privacy Policy which details why we collect this information from you and what we do to protect it. 

Equal Partners in Care (EPiC)

Carers have a unique role in the life of the person they care for. They have valuable knowledge of the person and their condition. The care provided by carers saves the Scottish taxpayer more than £10 billion a year. This is equivalent to the cost of the NHS!
Any decision made by the health and social care workforce will have an impact on the unpaid carer(s), so when planning and delivering care for that person, it's important that carers are involved. In order to ensure this important principle is not forgotten, we deliver training for the health and social care workforce. We raise awareness of the value of recognising and supporting carers and enabling them to continue caring, while ensuring their quality of life is maintained. 
If you work with carers, we can deliver a free training session in your workplace (from 1 hour to a full day) just call us on the Carers Support Line on 01463 723560. Or you can visit the EPiC E-learning portal here to complete the Level 1 - Carer Aware module http://www.knowledge.scot.nhs.uk/home/portals-and-topics/equal-partners-in-care/epic-elearning.aspx. This module takes approximately 20 minutes, is interactive, and you can print off a certificate once successfully completed.
We believe all carers have the right to play an equal and active role in care planning and decisions, and the right to the support and information they need, and to be involved as they choose to be. Equality is about having rights and choices. That's why we deliver a programme of training and craft sessions which aim to improve carers' confidence, health and wellbeing. 
Please have a look at the current training programme on our Training & Events calendar. 
For more information about Equal Partners in Care (EPIC) please have a look at the Highland Carers Strategy 2014-2017 here.